Motorcycle Loans for Bad Credit

If you’re a motorcycle rider, or you want to get your first motorcycle, there are loans available. Just like car loans for bad credit, there are similar motorcycle loans for bad credit available. Whether you are replacing your old motorcycle with a newer one or you are new to motorcycles, you’ll be interested in getting a motorcycle loan.

Getting a motorcycle loan is as easy as getting boat loans for bad credit or bad credit car loans. If you can secure your loan with collateral or have a cosigner involved with your loan, it can even be easier. There are several options you have for getting pre approval for motorcycle loans for bad credit.

Whichever bad credit loan type works out for you, try to take care of it before buying your motorcycle. It will help the purchasing process go faster and you can concentrate on getting the best price for your new motorcycle, rather than worrying about the motorcycle financing.

Secured Motorcycle Loans for Bad Credit

When you secure your loan, it will be easier for you to gain pre approval. So long as the lender has something to fall back on if you are unable to complete your loan payments, the loan is less risky. With a secured loan, it means that you are putting up your motorcycle as collateral.

Your lender knows that if you don’t complete the monthly payments according to the loan contract you sign, the lender can repossess the motorcycle. By selling it, the lender can recover any outstanding expenses. So long as you are paying for your motorcycle loan, you can keep your motorcycle.

If you are unable to secure your bad credit loan with a vehicle, the lender must rely on your signed contract that you will make the payments. With more risk involved, the lender might take a higher interest rate.

Auto Loans for Bad Credit with Cosigner

One quick and easy way to get motorcycle loans for bad credit is by using a cosigner. What that means is simply that someone who has a good credit report can cosign your bad credit loan. If something happens and you are unable to make your motorcycle loan payments, the cosigner would need to finish paying them.

This is a way of lessening risk for a lender. If you have a bad credit score, a cosigner could make it easier for you to get fast loan approval.

Simple Interest Loans Compared to Precomputed Interest Loans for Bad Credit

When you are pre approved for a simple interest loan, it’s good to understand how they work. With simple interest, you are paying each month on the amount of the principal that is still due. You won’t be charged interest on the entire loan amount, but only on what you have left to pay.

One advantage to this is that if you are able to pay off your motorcycle loan early, you will save money on interest fees. For each month that you owe less money, you will need to pay less.

With precomputed interest loans, you are required to pay exactly the same each month. That’s because the interest is applied to your entire borrowed amount, and then divided into equal payments. There is no change in the monthly payments, so until the loan amount is paid back, every payment amount will be the same. This can be convenient for budgeting purposes, but you wouldn’t be able to save on interest by paying motorcycle loans for bad credit off early.

Dealer Financed Motorcycle Loans for Bad Credit

If you don’t want to go through the process of getting loan pre approval, you can go to one of the dealers that offer motorcycle loans. You would buy your motorcycle from the dealer and the dealer would directly finance it. In this case, you would be making the payments each month directly to the dealer, and not a loan office. This might be more convenient for you, but the dealer could charge extra interest.

Indirect Motorcycle Financing

When you go to a motorcycle dealer and choose which one you want to buy, there are dealers who will arrange the financing for you, through a third party. They will handle the paperwork for you and help you get approval. This process could take time, however. While you’re waiting for your loan application process to be completed, someone else could walk in and snap up the motorcycle you had your eyes on.

In addition to the time it might take for your loan approval to go through, you could also be paying a higher interest rate.

Getting Bad Credit Car Loans Near Me

You have many options for getting your motorcycle loan at a location near you. This could happen through a dealer, by buying directly from the seller or even by going to a bank to arrange the financing by yourself.

Besides looking for car loans for bad credit near me, you can also stay at home and send in your online application for auto loans bad credit. It only takes minutes to complete and you don’t have to do anywhere to do it.

With online lenders you can get a fast reply concerning car loans for people with bad credit. After final loan approval, you are ready to go out and choose your next motorcycle. Check around your area to find an online lender who can help get car loans for people with poor credit.

Auto Loans with Bad Credit After Bankruptcy

Sometimes the residents of California can hit a rough spot financially and lose everything to bankruptcy. It’s hard, but sometimes it’s the best decision that can be made. You might be out of debt after a bankruptcy, but you would have a problematic credit history.

If you have gone through a bankruptcy and you want to buy a new motorcycle, it’s important to know that the bankruptcy process must be complete. If you are still in the process of going through a bankruptcy, you need to finish that before doing anything else.

The amount of time you need to wait to apply for car loans with bad credit varies, depending on what type of bankruptcy you filed for. The main thing to do while waiting is to take steps to rebuild your credit score.

Building your credit score

  • Apply for a credit card – If you can get an easy credit card, you can use it to rebuild a solid credit history. Charge a few items and then make your monthly payments on time. Do this regularly, always being careful to send in your payment by the due date.
  • Reduce the amount you owe – If you owe a lot of money, it will be hard to get a good credit report. Do what you can to pay back your debts or to at least reduce it. The more you reduce your amount of debt, the easier it will be due increase your credit score.
  • Buy on credit – Make a purchase on credit and then carefully pay it back when it’s due. Either pay it back all at once or send in payments when they are due.
  • Repay old debts – Even after a bankruptcy, if you owe payments be sure to take care of them.

After you have rebuilt your credit score and waited the specific amount of time required after a bankruptcy, go ahead and apply for bad credit auto loans. There are ways that you can be pre approved, such as if you have a valuable trade in, you can give a hefty down payment or you have a cosigner.

When you get bad credit auto loans, be very careful to pay them back according to the loan contract you sign.

Loan Calculators for Bad Credit Motorcycle Loans

When you have your funding and you’re ready to go out shopping for your next vehicle, do your homework to find out how much you can afford to pay first. This is how you can avoid getting in over your head with monthly payments that are too high for you.

Begin with a budgeting calculator that will help you determine how much you can spend on your next motorcycle, boat or car. By using an online calculator, you can put in how much you earn each month. After that, subtract all of your payments and monthly expenses to see how much money is left. This is how much you can spend.

According to the amount you have to spend, you can go vehicle shopping. Keep in mind that as a rule of thumb, you should figure in an extra 10% costs. This can help cover unexpected taxes, licenses or administrative costs such as origination fees.

When you find a car or motorcycle in your budget, work it out to see how much the monthly payment would be. If it’s too much, play with the numbers to see how you can get the monthly payment down. Try extending the loan term to see what the monthly amount would be. Also figure out if you can put a larger down payment. You could also negotiate a lower sticker price or less interest rate on your loan.

By using online calculators to figure your budget and loan amount, you can safely apply for a bad credit motorcycle loan that you can afford. There are easy car loans available even for bad credit borrowers.

Car Loans for Bad Credit from Multiple Lenders

When you’re in the market for motorcycle loans for bad credit, consider checking with multiple lenders. Many dealers might be able to help you but you also have the option of online lenders.

Compare offers to get the best financial product possible for your new bike purchase. With various loan options, you might be able to negotiate a better deal from the seller. Don’t be afraid to get multiple loan offers before making your loan decision.

Choosing Between New or Used Motorcycle Financing

You might have your heart set on the newest and shiniest motorcycle out there, but to get the best motorcycle loans, you should be flexible with your selection. New motorcycle loan rates might be lower, but the overall expense of a used motorcycle could make that your best purchase.

New vehicle purchase

Whether you are buying a motorcycle or some other vehicle type, you want to look for the best deal. If you find a new motorcycle, the manufacturer might throw in a rebate or other perk, such as no down payment or zero APR, to sweeten the deal. Do remember, however, that with the larger loan amount, the loan term will be longer.

One important fact to be aware of when buying new is that as soon as the vehicle is sold, it begins losing value through depreciation. If you pay top dollar for the motorcycle, it’s possible that your loan will be more than the motorcycle is worth. For a new car, take into account that it could lose 20% in depreciation in the first year.

Used vehicle purchase

In most cases, if you do your homework and check with various motorcycle dealerships, you can find good motorcycle models that can be purchased at a great savings, compared to a new vehicle purchase.

With a lower sticker price, you can expect loan payments that will be easier on. your budget. However, you typically get what you pay for. If the price seems to be too low, take the time to find out why. You might want to get the vehicle inspected or checked for previous accidents or damage that will be unsafe or that will cost you a lot in repairs.

When you buy used, you won’t have to worry so much about depreciation, since most of that happens in the first year. With a lower sticker price, the loan term will be shorter, so you should be able to get it paid off faster. The interest rate could be higher than with a new motorcycle purchase, however.

Refinancing a Motorcycle Loan

If you think you can get a better loan today, then you could consider refinancing your motorcycle or car loan. When refinancing, you have all kinds of options, such as getting better interest rates, putting more money down, lengthening the loan term or getting a better loan with a higher credit score. Spend the time to understand if a refinance will really save you money in the long run or just help you manage the monthly payments.

A refinance can be a wise decision for a number of reasons, such as:

  • Low interest rates – if the interest rates have come down since you first got your bad credit loan, you might be able to refinance it for less interest. This could save you money on the remaining loan payments.
  • Improved credit types – If you had a poor credit history when you first got your bad credit motorcycle financing, you may be paying a premium. That’s because lenders want to cover themselves in case you can’t repay the loan amount. If you have a better credit score today, you might be able to get a refinanced loan with better terms..
  • Improved cash situation – After working hard at your job, maybe you have been able to put cash aside that you could put towards your original bad credit loan. First, read through the terms of your contract to find out if there are and fees involved in pre-payment. If there are no fees and you can put cash down, you can consider refinancing your current to lower your payments and to save money on interest.
  • Lowering your monthly payment – If you are not managing to come up with your monthly payment, find out if you can lower it by refinancing it. A refinance that is with lower interest rates or a longer term could get the payment down to where you can finish paying off the loan without falling behind.

If you fit into any of these categories, don’t hesitate to reach out to a lender to help you decide the best and cheapest path to take.

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