Car Loans for People with Bad Credit

Anytime you want to buy a new or used vehicle, the first thing you will consider is how to pay for it. When it comes to vehicle financing, there are many options for you to choose from. The trick is to find the option for auto loans with bad credit that works the best for you.,

To start with, you might have a car that you want to trade in for a newer model. If you have a trade in, you can find out how much money you will get on the trade. That is money that will come directly off the loan amount you need to borrow.

Besides the trade in value, you’ll also have a down payment to consider. After you’ve put down all the cash and figured in your trade in, you will see exactly how much money you need to borrow through car loans for people with bad credit.

Even with a low credit score, you still have several options available to you. To learn more about your choices for bad credit loans, read on. Once you understand the ins and outs of how car loans for bad credit work, you can make an informed decision.

Preparing Bad Credit Car Loans

When you’re ready to get started with auto loans for bad credit, use an online calculator to work out how much you will need to borrow. Beginning with the purchase price of the vehicle, you can deduct your down payment and trade in value to see what the remaining balance is.

Do you have adequate funds to cover the cost of the bad credit auto loan? Find out by using the calculator to determine how much you can spend. After putting in your monthly earnings, begin subtracting from that amount all of your bills and expenses for the month. Basically, whatever is leftover is what you have to spend on monthly loan payments.

Do you have enough money to manage a monthly payment? If not, see how you can readjust your monthly expenses to leave room for a car payment. Check if there are expenses you can reduce or if there is a way to increase your monthly earnings. Otherwise, you will need to adjust the loan payment to fit into what you can pay.

Requesting Car Loans with Bad Credit from Multiple Lenders

With a clear picture of what you can afford to pay for your next new or used vehicle, you can begin to compare lenders. There are a few ways to go about doing this. One way is to find the vehicle that you want to buy and then look for a loan. This way can be time consuming, as your car is stuck in limbo until you come up with loan approval.

A recommended method is to get pre approval for car loans for people with bad credit before choosing your vehicle. When you walk into a dealership with loan pre approval, it gives you the chance to focus only on negotiating the best deal you can get. With the vehicle financing taken care of, the purchase process will go quickly and you won’t have to worry about wasting time waiting for your loan to go through.

Understanding Car Loans for Bad Credit Near Me

When you begin your search for bad credit car loans near me, the first place you might want to look is online! Online lenders are always available to help you with quick service and a fast reply. Even with low credit scores, you can go to an online lender’s website at any time to complete and submit an application form.

Once you begin the online loan process, you’ll be surprised how quickly you can get an answer to your bad credit auto loan request. If it is approved, you can sign the loan offer and get the pre approval you need.

Approaching Lenders for Car Loans for People with Bad Credit

Whatever your credit report reveals about your credit score, there are auto loans you can get. If you have a low credit score, you can apply for one of the many types of car loans with bad credit. After finding how much you can get and gaining pre approval, you will be ready to buy the new or used vehicle that suits your situation.

In house vehicle financing

There are dealerships that prefer to prepare the whole vehicle package for you. They want you to not only buy your new car from them, but also to finance it for you. If you don’t find the auto loans with bad credit you are looking for, the “buy here, pay here” option might be helpful.

Keep in mind that if you make your monthly auto loan payments directly to the dealer, you might be paying higher interest rates.

Direct vehicle financing

If you are not going to a dealer who will also provide the loan package, you can get separate financing through a bank, credit union or an online lender. After getting pre approval, you can choose your car from any seller.

Indirect car financing

If you go to a dealer and he arranges your auto loan for you, this is a type of indirect financing. You are not paying the dealer directly, but he is arranging an outside loan for you. For this service, the dealer will normally add on higher interest rates. These are sometimes loans that are offered by specific car manufacturers.

Private seller auto loans bad credit

Many times you might not find the vehicle that you want to buy at a dealer at all! You may see an ad in the local newspaper that interests you, or even the driver of a car for sale with a sign in the rear window. In some cases you might have a buddy at work who’s selling his car or a family member.

Sometimes, these private sellers are willing to offer you a private auto loan. Instead of going through the hassles of borrowing through a lender, they might offer you the chance to make your monthly payment directly to them.

While this might seem to be an easy way out, don’t get caught up in someone else’s mess! Before agreeing to this scheme, do your own homework to make sure the car legally belongs to them and that there are no liens against the title. Prepare a contract and make sure it’s signed by both parties, even between friends!

Secured bad credit auto loans

Securing motorcycle loans for bad credit or boat loans for bad credit is done when the lender uses the motorcycle, boat or car as loan security. By using the vehicle you are purchasing as collateral, the lender doesn’t take a risk by authorizing your loan request.

With secured loans, if you default or are unable to complete your monthly payments, the lender has your collateral to fall back on. He can simply take your vehicle and sell it to cover the final loan balance.

Because the collateral is built in to this type of loan, it can be an easy option for car buyers who suffer from a poor credit score. Just be careful to always pay your loan payments on time so you don’t lose the vehicle.

If you cannot secure your loan, the lender will need to take your word for it, that you can afford the payments and will make them on time. You might be charged additional interest rates in this type of loan arrangement.

Buying a New or Used Vehicle

One of the choices you’ll make when selecting your next vehicle is to decide if you will buy a new car or a used car. There are advantages and disadvantages to each one. If you don’t have a lot of money to spend, then your best bet is most likely going to be a used car that has good value.

If you want to consider both types, it’s good to know the pros and cons of each.

Buying a new car

The first point of difference in a new car is the sticker price. A new car has more value than a used car, so in most cases it will cost more. A higher price tag also means that you’ll need to get a larger car loan.

Here are other things you’ll notice about new car loans:

  • Larger loan amounts – to cover the added value of a new car, your loan will need to be larger. You can offset this price a little if you have a vehicle you are trading in or you put a big down payment.
  • Extended loan term – With the higher loan amount, you will also get a longer time to repay the money. You can expect the loan term on a new car to be longer than that of a used car.
  • Auto manufacturer perks – The car manufacturer might offer special loan terms, cash rebates or zero percent annual percentage rate. These aren’t offers that you would be able to snag with a used car loan.
  • Seasonal sales – Either the car dealership or the auto manufacturer might want to reduce the sticker price to commemorate a holiday or, at the end of the year, to move out old inventory to make room for the new models.
  • Energy efficient – One of the best points of buying new is that you will save money on gas and maintenance. The car most likely comes with a nice warranty that will cover any major work that needs to be done.

Points regarding used car loans:

Used cars are typically much less expensive than new cars, so the loan terms will be different:

  • Smaller loan amounts – Depending on the car’s value, used car loans for people with bad credit can be considerably less that for a new car. With the smaller amount, the loan term, or the number of payments you’ll be making, are also fewer. This is a good way to get an upgraded car, pay it off and be without car payments.
  • Higher interest rate – Even though the loan amount is less, the interest rates on used vehicles can be higher. This can affect the overall cost of the loan.
  • No depreciation of value – Whereas a new vehicle will lose a percentage of its value in the first year, you won’t have to worry about this when buying used. The car has already depreciated, so you don’t need to be concerned about the car losing value.
  • Higher maintenance costs – Even though the sticker price on a used vehicle can be much less than a new car, take into account the higher maintenance costs of an older car. Besides the typical maintenance schedule, parts of the car might need replacing. If the car is old, it might not be energy efficient, so you could spend much more when filling up the tank.

Whichever car type you choose to purchase, whether new or used, it’s important that you don’t over extend your budget. Buy what makes sense according to your current financial situation.

Selecting Your New or Used Car

If you know how much you can spend, it will help you make a choice regarding your purchase. If you’re opting for a new vehicle, then you can make your way to several dealerships to find the best deal for your money.

If you are not buying new, you can look anywhere and everywhere for bad credit auto lenders. Following are some details to take into account when choosing your next car:

Transmission type – manual or automatic

If you are experienced with a stick shift, you could save money. According to most reports, a manual gear can use less fuel than an automatic car. The car with an automatic transmission uses extra power. With a stick shift, you can control the gears manually and save power.

Car size matters

Are you in need of a large family size car or a truck you can haul equipment around in? Normally, the bigger the car, the more fuel it uses. However, that’s not always the case. Check the stats for the car you want to buy. A small car that is not energy efficient can end up costing more than a larger, newer car that gets better gas mileage.

Long distance travel or local errands

Think about what you will be using your new vehicle for. Do you need a comfortable car that will get great mileage on the highway? If you know you’ll be driving a lot, make sure the car is comfortable and you can sit for long periods without getting cramps.

Also get a car with a gas tank large enough to manage between gas stations. If you only need a car to drive around town and for errands, you want one that is easy to maneuver in heavy traffic.

Air conditioning and automatic windows

Air conditioning may seem like an unnecessary luxury, but it actually can make for safer driving during the hot summer months. Turning the AC on during a heat wave can help keep you alert and fresh to make important driving decisions.

Automatic windows are a convenience for most people, but might be important to anyone with small children. Being able to lock the windows can be a valuable asset.

Auto Loan Refinancing

In some situations, auto refinancing for bad credit can be beneficial. There are many reasons a car buyer may want to refinance, but it’s important to check your original auto loan contract. Make sure the you are allowed to prepay the loan, so that you can refinance it. Find out if there are prepayment penalties or if there is no charge for prepayment.

To decide if a loan refinance is right for you, check off the following points:

  • Will it lower your monthly payments? Sometimes if you are over your head in bills and payments, it will ease the stress by refinancing the loan and getting longer terms.
  • If you’ve reduced your existing debt or improved your credit history, it might make sense to refinance and get better loan terms.
  • Do you have a better job with a higher salary? If so, it could help to refinance the loan with a short term that you can get paid off quickly.
  • Check today’s interest rates. If you bought your vehicle when interest rates were sky high and now they are lower, you could save money on your entire loan package by refinancing it at today’s rates.

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