Auto Loans with Bad Credit

For anyone who is looking for auto loans with bad credit, the choices of loan types can be confusing. However, having poor credit should not keep you from getting the quick loan you need for your next new or used vehicle purchase. Take the time needed to learn about the different types of car loans for people with bad credit, so that you will be ready with your cash in hand when you begin your search for a new car.

When you’re ready to begin with your vehicle financing, simply check online for bad credit car loans near me to apply directly with online lenders. Either way, you should get quick answers for your request for auto loans bad credit.

When you have been pre approved for the loan amount that you need, go ahead and begin the car search. Whether you decide on a new car or a used car, you will have your financing ready to make your purchase. This will save you time and there will be a lower chance of your car being sold out from under you while you are waiting for a loan answer. In addition, you might have more negotiating power at the dealership if you have already taken care of getting car loans for bad credit.

What to Know About Bad Credit Car Loans

If you are a consumer with a low credit score, you might not realize how many vehicle loan options are available to you. While some popular loan types might be off limits to a bad credit score, there are several types of auto loans for bad credit that you can access.

Whichever loan type you choose for bad credit, take into account an extra 10% that is normally needed for administrative fees or title transfers and taxes.

Secured loans for bad credit

Secured loans might be one of the fastest and easiest to get if you have a low credit score. The reason is the lender doesn’t assume a lot of risk. If you don’t pay the money back or you stop sending in your monthly payment, the lender can simply sell your car to cover the loan expenses. A secured loan uses the car you are buying as loan collateral.

Unsecured car loans with bad credit

It can be more difficult to get an unsecured car loan if you have a low credit score. If you do manage to get this type of loan, you can expect to pay higher interest rates for the privilege. This is because the lender doesn’t have an easy option to recover the money.

Private party loans by the seller

You might find an option to buy a car directly from a private seller. This is perfectly legal, but you should do your extra homework to find out if the seller actually owns the car. The car title should be registered in the seller’s name with no liens against it. You can work out the payment details directly with the seller and avoid lenders altogether.

In house financing, indirect financing or direct financing

Direct financing of your auto is where a bank or financial institution will provide you with the money so that you can purchase an auto from a dealer or other seller. With a pre approved direct loan, you can shop wherever you want for the car and negotiate directly.

In house financing means that you are taking the loan package offered by the seller. You walk into a dealer, choose your used or new car that you want to buy and then let the dealership arrange the financing for you. You may need to pay an extra percentage or two in interest rates if you go this route.

With indirect financing, the dealership is finding the loan for you, through a third party. The dealer isn’t financing your auto purchase, but arranging the financing. For this privilege, you can expect to pay a higher interest rate, which will be added on by the dealership.

Precomputed interest loans vs simple interest

When you sign for a precomputed interest loan, you will be paying the same monthly payment for the duration of your loan term. The interest is calculated ahead of time for the entire term.

Simple interest loans are different. The monthly payment can be constantly changing, because the interest rate you pay will be on whatever unpaid balance there is each month. In this case, if you pay extra money towards your balance, you could actually save on the amount of interest you end up paying over the length of the loan term.

Buying in Your Budget

One of the easiest places to go wrong with buying a car is by over extending yourself. When you sign up for car loans with bad credit, you need to make sure that you will be able to manage with the monthly payments. If you default or fall behind in your payments, you could be at risk for losing your entire investment.

Using online calculators

The way to avoid monthly car payments that you can’t afford is by using a simple online calculator to help you determine how much you should spend. By using a budget calculator, you simply punch in the amount of income you have each month and then deduct your expenses. This might seem super simple, but it helps you see your financial situation as it is, in black and white.

When you see the numbers, then you’ll know how much you can have available each month to put towards bad credit auto financing. If you don’t have enough to cover the monthly payments, consider putting down a larger down payment or extending the loan term, so the monthly amount will be less.

By using budget calculators and loan calculators, you can play the with the numbers and find the best solution to auto loans with bad credit. Before setting out to find your next vehicle, know what your budget is, how much you can spend on a car and work towards negotiating a deal that fits within your means.

Selecting Your Vehicle Wisely

When you have your financing pre approved and you’re ready to shop around for a car, think about the important points of that car, and what you need. There are a lot of options out there and knowing what you want will help you find the best vehicle solution.

Take into account the following points when making your car selection:

New car or used car

There are pros and cons to buying either a new car or a used car. The first consideration is usually sticker price, but don’t let that fool you. With new car purchases, there can often be special promotions by the dealer or the automobile manufacturer that makes the deal more reasonable.

For instance, manufacturers sometimes offer cash rebates or zero APR. The loans are larger amounts than for a used car, but the term is longer. With a longer term, the monthly payment might fit into your car loan budget.

Used cars, on the other hand, can be a better buy. The car has already finished depreciating and the loan will be less money. However, the interest rates might be higher than with a new car loan. A lower price does not always mean it is the cheapest car in the long run. Take maintenance costs into account when determining how much a used car purchase will actually cost.

Manual or automatic gear

Since a stick shift can save you money in fuel costs, it is worth considering. By being able to manually shift the gears, it requires less power from the engine. It might be easier to find a used car with stick shift than a newer one.

Gas mileage

You can’t always tell a book by its cover, nor can you tell how much of a gas guzzler a new or used car might be. You might think that a smaller car uses less gas than a larger car, but it depends on how energy efficient that particular model is. You don’t want to buy the cheaper vehicle and then end up paying through the nose to keep if filled with fuel.

Hybrid or electric

Hybrid and electric vehicles cost more in the beginning, but during the course of the loan term they might actually save you money at the gas pump. It’s worth comparing how much you would spend on gas compared to a regular fuel tank.

Popularity in the market

How popular a specific vehicle model is will affect its selling price, just because of competition. A dealer might be less willing to negotiate the best price on a car with many interested buyers. This is where emotions can come into play. Try to choose the vehicle that is the best buy rather than the most popular model. With that in mind, a car with a lot of competition could hold its value better.

When Should You Refinance Auto Loans Bad Credit

If your financial situation has changed, it might be worthwhile to consider refinancing boat loans for bad credit, motorcycle loans for bad credit or car loans for people with bad credit. You can find out more by going to online lenders or by finding car loans for bad credit near me.

  • The first consideration to take into account is to check your original vehicle financing contract to find out if you can pay it off early. Secondly, find out if there is a prepayment fee involved. There may be other costs involved with refinancing your vehicle as well, such as administrative fees.
  • Following are some of the considerations that might make auto loan refinancing a good deal for you:
  • Reducing the monthly payment: You may have bought a vehicle that turned out to be too expensive for you. Rather than missing monthly payments or getting behind on your loan, it can be better to refinance the vehicle with a loan that will offer you lower payments.
  • Getting a lower interest rate: If you got your vehicle financing during a period when interest rates were high, it might pay to refinance at a lower rate. If you keep the loan period the same but only reduce the interest, you could have lower payments.
  • Lengthening the loan term – Another way to manage your monthly payments is by lengthening the loan term. You won’t save money on interest rates, but the payments will be lower if stretched out over a longer period.
  • Save money by shortening the loan period – If you want to save money on interest rates, you can shorten the loan period and get your loan paid off earlier.
  • Improving your credit score: If you had a very poor credit score when you got auto loans with bad credit and your credit score has improved, you might be eligible for better loan terms. Even with a bad credit score you can still get a car loan, but with an improved credit score you can save money on interest rates.

As with any financial decision, take all aspects of your situation into account. Depending on how much time is left on your loan, it may or may not be worth it to refinance your vehicle.

Understanding Basics for Bad Credit Car Loans

When you begin going from dealer to dealer to look for a vehicle, there are some basic terms you should understand. If at anytime the dealer or seller is mentioning terms you don’t understand, you can always stop them and ask them to explain. It’s important to know everything about car loans for bad credit before completing your purchase.

Down payment or trade-ins

When you find the car you want to purchase, you will be expected to offer a down payment. The larger your down payment, the less you will need to borrow. In addition, if you are trading in your current vehicle, find out how much the dealer is giving you on your trade-in. Your trade in allowance and your down payment will reduce your loan amount.

Loan terms

The loan term, or length of time you borrow the money, will determine how much the total loan will cost you and how much you will pay per month. If you stretch the loan term out as long as you can, your payments might be lower but you’ll pay more in interest rates. On the contrary, if you choose a shorter loan term that you can pay off faster, you will save money in interest rates.


APR is the interest rate that you will pay on the principal loan amount. It also includes the transaction fees necessary for the loan. How much APR you pay will affect how much the loan will cost you for the total life of the loan. Some of the factors that are considered are the current interest rates, market competition and the buyer’s credit score.

Car loan cosigner

One of the easiest ways for a buyer with a low credit score to get vehicle funding is by bringing in a loan cosigner. When you are searching for auto loans with bad credit, it helps to have either collateral, which can be sold to cover the loan costs, or a cosigner. By cosigning auto loans for bad credit, it means that if the loan isn’t paid back, it will become the cosigner’s responsibility to repay the debt.

Reaching Out to Online Lenders

After checking out the places for bad credit car loans near me, you might decide that online lenders are the easiest and fastest way to get the loan you need. With online lenders, they are always available so anytime you want to you can begin the application process by sending in your request.

Besides the convenience of online bad credit auto loans, car buyers can expect quick service and fast answers to your query. You can get started anytime of the day or night, which can save you a lot of time. You won’t have to wait for business hours or a specific day of the week to ask for auto loans with bad credit.

Car Loans for People With Bad Credit – the Easy Way!

At Montana Capital Bad Credit Loans, we want to help you get the bad credit auto loan you need. We don’t want you to get stuck waiting for a loan answer or taking a chance that someone else will buy your vehicle out from under you, just because you were waiting for loan approval.

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