Auto Loans for Bad Credit

Buying a new car is one of those life events that we all dream about! We can imagine ourselves driving down the street in our new car, listening to music and enjoying the drive. We think about cruising the neighborhood in our new wheels, or taking it out on a road trip. But putting the cart before the horse won’t work! Before shopping for auto loans for bad credit, answer some basic questions about your vehicle needs.

First we need to actually get a new car! And then we can enjoy driving it around. To get from here to there, or from no car to a new car, is a matter of steps. It doesn’t matter if this is your first car, if you’re trading up to a newer model or if you’re purchasing a used car to get around town. The process of buying a car can and should be an enjoyable one.

Learn how to go about getting the best bang for your buck in terms of a car purchase. Understand the steps involved so you can enjoy a stress-free buying experience. Remember, you will have this vehicle for a long time to come, so it’s worth putting in the effort to get the best car you can afford and at the best price.

What Type of Car Appeals to You?

You might have something in mind, or you might not. Before you begin searching for auto loans for bad credit, you might want to study the market a little bit. Find out what’s out there and what is available in your price range.

Once you start looking for car loans for bad credit, you can have an idea of the type of vehicle that would suit your needs and desires.

Here are a few of the choices you will be faced with:

  • 2 doors or 4 doors
  • New car or used car
  • Electric or hybrid
  • Gas or diesel
  • Truck or passenger car
  • Stick shift or automatic

Some of these choices might be flexible or some of them may be mandatory for your situation. Try to narrow the choices down until you have an idea of what type of auto will work best for you.

Choosing Bad Credit Car Loans

When you’re ready to look for financing for your auto purchase, you’ll have even more decisions to make. If you have bad credit, there will be certain car loan types that might be easier for you to get than others. For instance, with secured loans, the car you are buying is also used as collateral for the loan payments. This represents less risk for the lender, even for those with a poor credit score.

Here are some of the types of auto loans bad credit that you can consider from multiple lenders:

Direct financing

Certain financial institutions, such as credit unions, online loan companies or banks, can pre approve loans for their customers. Once pre approved, the customer then goes to a dealership or a private individual to make the vehicle selection. Since you basically already have the money you need, you can work with the dealer to get the best price possible. This is different than when you get financing through the dealer. It is less stress, because you already have the funds secured for whichever car you choose.

Secured car loans for bad credit

In this case, the car you plan to purchase is also your collateral. That makes it easy for the lender. Even if you have poor credit history, you can still be approved for secured loans. If you don’t pay back the loan, the lender can simply take possession of your car and sell it to recover the loan costs. While it’s easier to get, you must realize that you can lose the vehicle if you don’t pay back the money.

Private party loans

You might find a friend or neighbor who has a car to sell. If you want to buy it, you could be presented with the option of buying it directly from the owner. You would be taking full responsibility that the documents are legal and in order. By paying the owner directly, you would be cutting out the middle man. However, you might be limited in actions you could take if the owner renegs on the deal or doesn’t have the proper documentation.

In house financing

If you go to a car dealer, you choose a car that you want to buy and you haven’t been pre approved already, you can ask the dealer to help you with the financing. These dealers are also referred to as “Buy Here, Pay Here.” They like to keep it all under one roof. For the consumer with bad credit, this can work out well because they don’t have to try to get a bank to lend them the money. This is an easy place to get car loans for people with bad credit.

Unsecured auto loans

If you don’t have collateral to offer, an unsecured auto loan could be more complicated to get. As security, the rates could be higher as well.

Simple interest loans

With simple interest auto loans for bad credit, you are paying the interest rate calculated on your remaining balance. It doesn’t matter how much the original loan was, it’s according to how much you still owe. Using this type of loan scheme, it can be easier to pay off auto loans with bad credit earlier than the original term.

Once you’ve shopped around for car loans with bad credit, you are ready to buy your next new car.

Loan Amounts for Bad Credit Car Loans

Now that you understand the types of loans you can get with bad credit, you can go one step further. You can find out how much you can afford to pay back each month. Once you put in the figures, you’ll be able to play with them to make the term longer or shorter or get better APR, until you come up with a loan amount you can be comfortable with.

If you’re looking for boat loans for bad credit or motorcycle loans for bad credit, the steps are the same as for an auto. You have the same types of loan options available for car loans, motorcycle loans or for boat loans.

Using Online Calculators

To find out how much you can afford to pay for your new car, you can access online calculators. They are ideal, because you can play with the numbers and see what you need to do to get the car payment amount that you need.

Begin with a budget calculator

Using a budget calculator, you can easily drop in the monthly expenses you have. You’ll begin with your monthly income and then start subtracting your bills and expenses. At the end of the process, you can see what, or how much, money you have remaining to put towards your monthly payment. When you find out how much you can afford, you can go on to the next step and find out how much you can pay for your next vehicle. Knowing how much you can spend per month will help you find the bad credit auto loan to suit your needs.

Using a loan calculator

Whatever your credit score is, you can use this calculator to find out how much you’ll need when you apply for bad credit auto loans. Put in the numbers, beginning with the sticker price of the car you want. Then play around with the APR, the loan term and the down payment to get to the monthly payment that you can afford. Auto loan rates will vary from dealer to dealer and from one car to the next, depending on what you choose. Online lenders can help you come up with the bad credit auto loans to help you make the purchase.

For instance, are the payments on the auto you want too high? Try adjusting the term. Make the loan term longer and the monthly payment might be less. Another trick to try is to put down a larger down payment.

Finding Car Loans for Bad Credit Near Me

When you’re ready to find auto loans for bad credit, you won’t need to look far. That’s because you can access online lenders at any time of the day or night. You don’t need to go anywhere to request auto financing options through the internet. Whether it’s a new or used vehicle you’re interested in, you can get quick answers online.

For bad credit car loans near me, you can also check out local newspapers or through other financial institutions. This way, you will be able to get multiple loan offers and make your own choice. For new and used cars, you’ll be one step ahead by getting pre approval before choosing your vehicle.

Begin by understanding how much you can afford and then send in your loan application for bad credit car loans.

Car Loans for People With Bad Credit

It’s not so uncommon for consumers to be stuck with poor credit scores. Life can be unpredictable and really expensive. It’s hard to be prepared for every financial situation, no matter how much you earn or how good your job is.

Calculating Fico score

Fico is the system that judges what kind of a credit score you have. According to the scoring system, you either have good credit scores or low credit scores. After taking into account your past payment history, bounced checks or defaults on loans, you will get a score. If the score is less than 620 points, it is a low credit score. To improve bad credit scores, you can pay off some of your debt and always make monthly payments on time.

Choosing Your Vehicle

You will need to find vehicle financing that meets your budget, but if you have been pre approved, then you already know how much you can spend. You can use your bad credit loan to buy the vehicle that you choose.

Selecting New or Used Cars

According to how much you can get with bad credit auto loans, you might be able to get a new or used car. Besides the sticker price, there are advantages to each type.

Buying a new car

  • Reduced rates – New cars typically hove lower APRs and interest rates than used cards do. However, since the loan amounts are usually higher, they might have a longer term. According to the automaker, there might even be incentives to buy that offer zero APRs. They’ll do this when they have models they want to move.
  • Buying bonus – Car dealers might offer cash off the stick price of a new car.
  • Annual sales events – Seasonal sales, holiday sales and end of the year clearance sales all offer special prices when you can grab good deals on a new car loan.

Buying a used car

  • Cheaper cars = smaller loans – To buy a used car, you won’t need to take out such a large loan with high monthly payments. Your amount of debt will be smaller, the loan term will be shorter and you can get the existing loan paid off quickly.
  • Less depreciation of value – When you drive a new car off the lot, it begins to depreciate. By the end of the 1st year, you’ve already lost 20% due to depreciation. Once a car is older, it doesn’t depreciate at such a fast rate, so it holds its value longer. You won’t have to worry about an upside down loan, where the car isn’t worth as much as the loan.
  • Easier for various credit types – If according to a credit report you have a low credit score or a poor credit history, it could be complicated to get car loans from a financial institution. If you have bad credit, there are several loan types you can get.

Terminology for Car Loans with Bad Credit

When you get started on. your search for auto loans for bad credit, you might run into some terms that you don’t understand. Here are a few of those terms, which might make it easier for you to navigate the online loan process easier.

  • Loan terms – This refers to the length of your auto title loans bad credit. If you are taking out small auto loans with bad credit, the loan term might be short as well. You can adjust the length of the term to get shorter or higher payments.
  • APR – APR is the interest rate you’ll pay on the principal loan amount that you borrowed. There will also be administrative fees or other costs that are included in the loan. How high your APR is can be a result of credit history, the current rates, market competition or any special offers.
  • Trade-in – If you are trading in your current vehicle, it presumably has value. When getting bad credit auto loans, the amount of your trade-in will help bring the loan cost down as well as any down payment you can offer. The higher the down payment, the less money you’ll need to borrow.
  • Car loan cosigner – If a credit check shows that you have poor credit, you can sometimes ask someone to cosign car loans for people with bad credit. In fact, some lenders might insist on a cosigner, if the borrower’s credit is bad. This would mean that if the borrower gets stuck and can’t pay off the car loan, the cosigner would need to pay.

Choosing Your Car

After getting car loans for bad credit, you still need to select your car purchase. This is a big step, so take your time to make the best decision. Besides checking that the engine is good and the car has been well cared for, confirm that the size is correct for you, that you feel comfortable sitting in the driver’s seat and that you feel secure driving the car.

If you have long distances to drive, then the mileage will be an important factor. If you have a large family or drive a car pool – check how many seats there are. The car title should have the number of passengers that are allowed in the vehicle. If you live in a hot climate, a well-working air conditioning system is a must.

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