Auto Loans Bad Credit

There are a lot of reasons someone might need auto loans bad credit, and it’s possible to get the loan you need without a lot of hassles. Having a bad credit score does not need to be a huge red mark against your application for car loans for bad credit! There are many different types of bad credit car loans that you can get, because they are reduced risk for the lender.

In general, lenders of auto loans for bad credit just want to make sure they will get their money back. If you can prove that they will be paid, one way or another, you can get a quick response to your request for bad credit auto loans. This could mean something like having a cosigner with you, who will take responsibility for the loan payments if you cannot, or even securing the loan with collateral.

However you choose to finance your next new or used vehicle purchase, everything will go smoothly if you are careful to repay auto loans bad credit according to the loan contract. Car loans with bad credit can help you live your dream, and get the next vehicle financing without a lot of time and trouble.

Getting Car Loans for Bad Credit Near Me

You can look in your area to find bad credit car loans near me, or you can reach out to online lenders for your next vehicle financing. In fact, you can inquire about auto loans with bad credit from multiple lenders and then compare lenders. When you compare, you can look at the entire loan amount, including the taxes and interest rates, the length of the loan term and how much the monthly payment will be.

When you are pre approved for your vehicle financing, it will set the path clear to go out and choose your next new or used vehicle. If you have already taken care of getting car loans for people with bad credit, you can concentrate solely on finding the car you want to buy. The dealer or seller won’t need to put together your car loan, so you can negotiate the terms of the deal instead.

Whatever the sticker price of the car, motorcycle or truck that you want to buy, there is usually some wiggle room. Speak to the seller about a better price, extended payments or negotiate a comfortable down payment. Sometimes there are perks a dealer can throw your way to sweeten the deal.

If you already have the financing in your pocket, take time to visit several dealers, look at privately owned vehicles for sale and choose the best car for your needs!

Finding Car Loans for Bad Credit

When you begin researching the different types of bad credit car loans, you’ll see that you have many options and financial institutions. Having a low credit score does not mean you can’t get a quick response to your request for auto loans bad credit. In fact, you’ll be surprised at all the choices you have!

It doesn’t matter if you’re in the market for auto loans for bad credit, motorcycle loans for bad credit or boat loans for bad credit. Bad credit borrowers have the same options whatever vehicle you are buying. Find the loan option that will give you the best deal and go for it!

Discovering Options for Car Loans with Bad Credit

Now that you’re ready to get going with car loans for people with poor credit scores, you could be surprised at all your options! Study each one carefully and don’t be afraid to approach multiple lenders to get the best deal on your next bad credit auto loan.

Secured Car Loans for Bad Credit

By securing your car loan with collateral, it means that if something unexpected happens and you are unable to finish paying for your car loan, the lender can take something of yours in exchange. In the case of a secured car loan, you could use the car you are buying as collateral, or a type of loan security. With this backup plan, a lender’s risk is reduced.

How does it work? If you make your monthly payments on time, nothing happens. You get to the end of the loan term and you are finished – the car belongs to you. The title will be transferred to your name and you are finished.

If, however, you run into unexpected financial emergencies during the course of the loan term and you find that you are unable to continue making the monthly payment, the lender can take the car you have been paying on and sell it. This is how the lender can cover any outstanding expenses.

Without security, such as with an unsecured car loan for bad credit, the lender can only trust that you will make the loan payments. This is a loan that is harder to get if you have a poor credit score, since it doesn’t leave any option for the seller to get his money if you stop making the loan payments.

Direct Auto Financing for Bad Credit

Even with low credit scores, you can go to direct lenders, such as your bank, your credit union or even an online lender, and get your own financing. This can be any type of financing, whether it’s secured with collateral or unsecured. All you need to get is pre approval, so that you”ll know when you’re ready to make a vehicle purchase, you can complete the final loan process and get the funding you need.

When you know that your financing has already been approved, it will free your mind when you go out vehicle shopping. Whether you choose to buy your next vehicle from a dealership or from a private seller, it’s good to know you have the money prepared.

Indirect financing: If you don’t manage to get direct car financing on your own, or you don’t want to be bothered by the details, many dealers will arrange it for you. This type of lending is indirect financing. The dealer would act as a middleman and negotiate the loan for you. This can sometimes be from the auto manufacturer, if they are offering financing on their models.

It’s usual for the dealer to hike up the interest rates a point or two, as compensation for arranging your loan. To save money, it can be cheaper to arrange your own financing.

In house financing: One more option is for the dealer to directly finance your vehicle purchase. Rather than taking your loan application to an auto manufacturer or other outside lender, the dealer would prepare the loan directly. You would make your payments directly to the dealer, rather than to a loan agency or a bank. You might be expected to pay a higher interest rate for this option.

Private Seller Loans for Bad Credit

Some car buyers find the used vehicle they want to buy from a private seller. This can happen if you see a car that has a for sale sign in the window with the phone number to call. It can also be that your buddy from work is selling his car or your neighbor has a truck for sale that you want. It doesn’t matter how you find the car being sold by a private person.

Sometimes the seller will go one step further and offer to finance the car so it will be easier for you to buy it. This can work out well if you have a rock-solid contract and you have proven that the seller is the legal owner of the vehicle. Be very careful to check the car’s title that the seller’s name is on it and there are no liens against it. As far as the contract goes, you will need to be sure that when you make all the payments that the title will be transferred to your name as its legal owner.

Checking Your Loan Amount

Before you even begin looking at bad credit auto loans or at vehicles to buy, it’s wise to figure out how much you have to spend. By doing this beforehand, there is less chance that you will default on your payments or end up being stuck with a car you can’t finish paying for.

The easiest way to check your loan amount is by using an online calculator. Online calculators are great, because you can play with the numbers, loan terms, interest rates, down payment, etc to see what you can do to come up with a reasonable monthly payment.

Budget calculator

Starting with a budget calculator, you can easily see for yourself how much disposable income you have that you can put towards a car payment. The way this type of “affordable” calculator works is that you start out by putting in your total monthly earnings. This should represent all the money that goes into your account each month, from every source.

Then be very careful to put in your total expenses, bills and payments for the month. Include the cost of putting gas in the car, food bills, transportation, rent payment, utilities and anything else that comes out of your account each month. At the end, you’ll see what’s left and you’ll know that is the amount you can put aside for a monthly car payment.

Auto loan calculator

After you know how much you can afford to spend on car loans for bad credit, you can go out to a dealer or seller to look for a vehicle in that price range. If, however, the loan payments are more than your budget, you can use the loan calculator to adjust the figures. By doing so, you can see for yourself what you need to do to be able to buy that particular vehicle.

By adjusting the numbers, you have a few options:

  • Increasing the loan term, to lessen the monthly payment amounts
  • Negotiating a lower interest rate with the seller
  • Putting down a higher down payment, to make the loan amount less
  • Trying to get the seller to reduce the cost of the vehicle

Any of those steps should make the loan amount you need to pay back each month less. If the payment still does not reach the amount you can afford to pay, consider finding a vehicle that is more reasonably priced.

Buying a New or Used Vehicle

If you are looking to buy a new vehicle but the monthly loan payments just aren’t working out for you, consider buying a used car, motorcycle or boat. It might take a little more shopping around to be sure you don’t end up with someone else’s “lemon”, but there are definite advantages to buying used vehicles rather than driving a new car off the lot.

New vehicle purchase

New vehicles can often come with special perks or rewards directly from the auto manufacturer. This can be in the form of cash rebates, zero APR, reduced interest rates or extended terms. Start out by finding out what the dealer can offer you directly from the manufacturer.

  • The price tag will be higher, but with a larger loan amount, you will get a longer loan term. Having more time to pay off a higher loan can help you manage a new car purchase.
  • Special sales are available on new cars throughout the year. They could be related to holidays, Black Friday or an end of the year clearance sale. Remember that in order to make room for the new models, a dealer must sell off the new cars in stock. This could give you a great deal on a new vehicle.
  • Interest rates might be lower on a new car. Whether it’s directly from the manufacturer or from the car dealer, there can be more room to negotiate a lower interest rate on a new car.

Buying a used vehicle

As most car buyers will notice, you can find excellent deals on used cars. For whatever reason, people can feel pressured in selling their used cars so might lower the price to your budget. Maybe they already bought a new car and must sell their used car quickly, or they might need the money for an urgent expense. Whatever the reason, you can pick up good deals on used cars.

  • Used cars are cheaper to buy than new cars. This is obvious, but the trick is to find a used car in excellent condition that has low mileage and has been taken care of by the previous owner. Check the title to see how many previous owners the car has had.
  • Loan terms for used cars are typically less than for new car loans. This is simply because of the age of the car and the lower loan amount.
  • Interest rates on used vehicles can be higher than for new cars. Even with the higher interest rates on used cars, your monthly loan payment can still be considerably less than with a new car loan.
  • Unlike with new cars, there are no worries about depreciation. Cars lose a percentage of their value in the first year, and after that the price stabilizes. With a used car, there is less risk of owing more on the payments than the car is worth.

Applying for Car Loans with Bad Credit

Lenders understand that consumers can go through rough financial times that leave them with a poor credit history. Even so, there are lenders who will negotiate reasonable bad credit auto financing so that you can get into the next new or used vehicle.

To get a bad credit car loan, you can either go directly to a car dealership and let them prepare a bad credit car loan package for you or you can send in your loan application to an online lender. Online lenders have certain advantages, which include:

  • Send in your loan application anytime of the day or night
  • Expect a fast lending decision regarding your bad credit loan approval
  • Be pre approved and get a loan offer to sign

In addition to those benefits, you won’t feel pressured into taking bad credit auto financing that you don’t feel comfortable with. There won’t be anyone breathing down your neck waiting for you to sign!

Whether you have a bad credit score or good credit, there are bad credit auto lenders who will help you through the loan process. Check with multiple auto loan providers to find those who will prepare loans for consumers with bad credit scores.

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